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“This is nothing to do with professionalism,” Natasha snaps back. “It’s all to do with your inability to work with another agent in any meaningful manner. Contrary to public opinion, this mission is not about your professional pride.” 

Her glare turns ice cold at the press of his finger to her lips, and she momentarily - unprofessionally - considers biting it off. However, she forces herself to relax, nodding to show that she’s heard the sound too. Slipping out of reach once more, she makes her way down the dark corridor, moving almost inaudibly towards the second keypad.

"Incorrect. I was more than willing to work with you, but you began making unnecessary comments and snapping at me for every little thing that I did." He simply stepped past her, shaking his head. "Argument over. I’m not going to let you turn this unprofessional any longer."

He pulled out his phone, checking that there were no cameras hidden in the room, and that if there was, they were put on a loop to show the room empty.


She looked up at him, she could tell she’d surprised him. “I mean it’s a change of pace, but you do need someone to watch your back.” she teased kissing him back. “And… I’m finding myself… attached to you.”

He tilted his head a little as he looked down at her, a smile pulling at his lips as he brushed his fingers slowly through her hair. “Well, that’s certainly good news. I’m finding myself rather attached to you as well.” He smiled, stealing another kiss.


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Now Where’s Your Champion? [@athermajestysservice]


At least the words have garnered some sort of reaction from the man who had appeared previously unflappable. A problem with authority? She could empathise, but now would certainly not be the time. “Oh, do tell me what will, 007. What if I bat my eyelashes and pretend as though you’re god’s gift to secret agents?” she asks sardonically, impatient to have the mission over.

She slips the keycard from her pocket, entering both it and the passcode before opening the door. “After you,” she smirks, holding the heavy door open for him.

James snorted, rolling his eyes. “No, that certainly wouldn’t help. What would help is that you showed me some respect. From the get go you’ve been sniping at me, making comments and giving me dirty looks. It’s one mission, and I was informed that you would be professional. It seems they overestimated your ability, doesn’t it?”

He shook his head, nudging her through the door first before slipping in behind her, pressing a finger to her lips before she could snap at him. “Shh. Cleaner.” He whispered, gesturing to where a trolley could be heard wheeling past the door.

Now Where’s Your Champion? [@athermajestysservice]


“It’s nothing to do with intellect,” she tells him sharply. “And stronger men than you have reacted strangely to my presence. Do as you’re instructed, by a senior agent, I might add, and we won’t have a problem, 007.”

She’s furious at being outwitted on the hostage front, although it only shows in the curt nod she gives him. “Come on,” she instructs, striding out of the doorwar and back down the stairs, locating the entrance she’s looking for.

"You are not my superior, and do not presume yourself to be. I’m not here for you to boss around, Agent Romanoff. And if you think that attempting to pull rank on me will work, you’re not as good at judging character as you seem to think." He stepped past her, gritting his teeth in annoyance.

He certainly preferred working with the other agents of SHIELD. He adjusts his jacket once he’s outside, walking down the stairs with her as she looks for the entrance and he keeps an eye out.

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“I’ll think of something”, she replied simply. After all, it was always better to have some ‘leverage’. She could find something for him to use as payment once and if they indeed got away together. Vesper heard him and with every word, her smiled got wider and wider. She leaned towards him, her head touching his for a moment before leaning back. “That’s when I found it out too. Well, not exactly what you did, but it did show me you were more than an agent, a double-oh”. Vesper simply watched him as he kissed her fingers. “I wasn’t expecting anything less than that. It does give ‘travel light’ a whole new meaning.”

"Wonderful." he smiled, tucking some hair back behind her ear before he tilted his head and brushed his lips against her fingertips, lowering her hand after a moment. "I’m glad I could prove that to you." He smiled, stealing another soft kiss from her lips before sighing contentedly as he closed his eyes for a moment and rested his forehead against hers, chuckling softly. "That’s very true. But, at least we’ll have an enjoyable holiday, hmm?" He grinned, leaning back to look at her once more. "So what have you been doing whilst I was working?"


She looked around but everything seemed peaceful and James was still there, holding her in his arms. Natasha relaxed and leaned back against his shoulder again. “Morning James…. I thought I heard something. We’re not in danger, are we?”

"No, we’re not." He smiled down at her, noting the sleep still in her eyes. "I was simply putting my phone on the side table, dear." He chuckled, tucking some hair behind her ear before leaning his head back against the couch, looking up toward the ceiling.


“Well it’s not that bad. I mean, you know… conning is fun, and I so rarely get to play characters other than the socialite and that’s only in Gotham…” she leaned in and kissed him. “Maybe I’m a little tempted to stay.”

He blinked in surprise as he tilted his head, his fingers brushing through her hair. “Oh?” He hummed, pressing a soft kiss to her lips. “I can’t say that I’d mind that at all, you know. I rather think it’d be excellent.”

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Both here and plenty of fun to be had.

That’s very true, my dear.


She grabbed her coat and slipped into it, “What is a good surprise to you?”

"Many things. Particularly those that don’t involve my death." He chuckled, arching a brow at her.